About Us

Founded by an award winning innovator in the watch industry with over thirty years of experience BrandNamesWatch.com offers today's most wanted brand-name watches at prices up to 75% OFF the suggested retail price.  Expertise in purchasing and low overhead enable us to offer the top selling brands at bottom line price.



The Company

HISTORY... Repeats itself

So true are these words.This company was founded by the leading expert in the wholesale and custom watch business. His venture began over 30 years ago and has proven that hard work, honesty and dedication in your beliefs will bring success. Love what you do and do what you love.



At the core of BrandNamesWatch.com is the founder with decades of history in purchasing and sales in the wholesale watch distribution and developing a brand with its own identity and style.  Through sheer determination and a strong work ethic he expanded the company and delivered excellent quality, value and customer service for his products.

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