Why the Watch Beats the Smart Phone

Posted by Eli Ben Shmuel on

It's always better to get in front of the story and if you're reading this then you know what the principle is. Why bother having a watch when I can see the time from my iPhone or Android? Have you ever wanted to be considered a gentleman or a lady? From the new movie Kingsman: The Secret Service all the way to James Bond in 007, the wristwatch defines the look of a person as much as their hairstyle. Take the longstanding Locman brand originating from Italy, we remember our parents wearing them and we still see the new generation of kids and adults going to ULTRA Music Festival at the Winter Music Conference wearing their candy colored bracelets and matching Locman watches. Even Porter Robinson, known worldwide for his genius in creating Language and thrilling audiences everywhere was wearing what seems to be a Breitling timepiece.

From the President to the Pope, peasants and kings, still need to have up to the second coverage of news, daily events, stock tickers, when shipments come in and leave and it's always far easier to look at your wrist than dig through your pocket or purse to find that cumbersome phone to find out the time. Brand Names Watch carries the watches you want for your daily needs.

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