Seiko's Grand Design

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Since 1881, Seiko has been producing watches that are synonymous with the word watch. Parents buy them for their children's graduation, Valentine's Day produces a heartfelt joy, a personal touch is what makes Seiko the epitome of the words "watch collection." It was a long journey for the Seiko name before it was a household name, in 1924 the very first collection appeared under the Aston Collection. The cost for the very first quartz made watch was equal to that of a car during the era. The mechanical watches, over time, became the house brand that made them the brand name they are today.The kinetic watch is now what makes Seiko, Seiko.


Seiko's brand name was so prevalent that on a spacewalk for astronauts, they wore a specially made Spring Drive  dedicated for NASA. So well known, that Hollywood has used the brand time and time again. Ripley from Aliens wore a Seiko 7A28-7000, Jason Bourne from the Bourne Identityseries wore a Seiko chronograph, and in Apocolypse Now Martin Sheen wore a Seiko 6105-8110/8119 dive watch.Including the Olympic Games of 1964, 1992, 1994, 1998, 2002, etc and the World Cup Titles for FIFA, Seiko has achieved the branding in the last century that no other watch company can compare.


Not to be confused with Techno music, such as NuMark, Pioneer, and Gemini, Seiko produced gear for digital synthesizers such as the DS-250. Seiko's reach has been far and wide over the last hundred years plus. Any time of year is good to purchase a quality timepiece like a Seiko. Weddings, graduations, for that special someone in your life, Seiko is that special kind of love.




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