A Bold Look into Mulco Fashion

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MULCO Luxury Brand Name Watches became a force in the watch industry, when in 2006 a new generation of entrepreneurs designed several new lines of timepieces that heralded back to its founding roots in 1958. Known for both it's sleek lines, sporty look, and it's sex appeal throughout the America's and European markets, the sophistication of the designs became more apparent. With lines such as the Coture, Era, Lush, Bluemarine, Illusion, Kripton, and Prix, watch collectors across the world sought out these bold new timepieces. 


The Mulco line has been featured in magazines such as Instyle Makeover, Volaris, Aserca Report, and Cronos Espana and has been on the prestigious red carpet at the SAG Awards. Mulco has also been in the news for giving back to society, where in 2014 they took part in the 17th Annual Chace Foundation Golf Tournament and all proceeds went to help hospitalized children through the Chace Foundation. Since September of 2011, the first exclusive store for Mulco opened in the Beverly Center lead of Fashion at Rodeo Drive and have been a driving force ever since.


Branching out into the digital age, Mulco can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Pintrest, with one of their companies mantra being, “Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet,” as originally spoken by Paul Klee. One look at the new Coture Slim collection, with a thin 8mm base giving the impression of a “slim” appearance along with a sleek leather strap and watch collectors notice the beaming color that would make it stand out from the pack.

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